Why is active rest important?

The active rest is very much important for every human being. They will make your body as well as your mind to get relaxed.

Rest is also considered to be an exercise you have to do them every day. This will keep your body to be fit, healthy, and also be fresh. Read More

How long green card holder can stay outside USA?

How long green card holder can stay outside USA?

As a conditional permanent resident or permanent resident, you might travel outside the US for up to six months without losing your green card. In case you are planning to stay outside the United States for a year or more, you must require reentry permit.
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Is Tanzania safe for foreign workers?

working in Tanzania

It is a common misconception among people that Africa is not safe for the foreigner, and it is full of snakes and disease. But that is just a pure rumor and the reality is completely different. Even some countries lie Tanzania are so beautiful and developed that t can leave you astonished completely. Different people are afraid about different types of risk factors in Tanzania. Some people think that this country is full of drug peddlers, and gangsters. Read More

Historical Relevance in Tanzania Now

Zanzibar Slave Monument

Understanding the history of Tanzania is essential to understanding the country itself. Filled with stories of struggle and victory, the past of Tanzania will accompany you throughout your journey, both through visits to historical sites and during your meetings with locals. Retrace millennia of history from tanzania history to the present day and apprehend your journey with your eyes wide open. Read More

Fine Options for safe camping in Tanzania

For this trip combining safaris and beaches stay on the island of Zanzibar, you can decide to separate the accommodations in traditional lodges in animal parks, to focus on what is called “camping-safari”. Read More

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