Is Tanzania safe for foreign workers?

working in Tanzania

It is a common misconception among people that Africa is not safe for the foreigner, and it is full of snakes and disease. But that is just a pure rumor and the reality is completely different. Even some countries lie Tanzania are so beautiful and developed that t can leave you astonished completely. Different people are afraid about different types of risk factors in Tanzania. Some people think that this country is full of drug peddlers, and gangsters.

According to some residents of Tanzania, that country is pretty much safe, and they said that those are just rumors. Most of the residents are very much friendly, and they mind their own business. The actual scenario is sometimes shocking. Prom the ancient time foreigners have exploited the Africans, et they behave well with the foreigners. In some places poverty is too much, and often that is the main reason of crime in that place.

But, in the developed countries white collar crime is more usual and common incident. In the developed countries, people also steal others money, but they do it in a sophisticated manner. But it is fact that African countries are poor and there is less sophisticated crime. Though in Tanzania, the working environment is safe for the locals as well as the foreigners.

local mixed tanzanian people

View from Eye of the Foreign Workers:

According to some foreign workers, who are working in Tanzania have shared their experience regarding the work environment in Tanzania. The have said that working in Tanzania is safe and secure, and they live there as a family. The local mixed tanzanian people are very much helpful in nature and they are humble too. Especially in Tanzania, the law enforcement department is pretty much active. The political situation in Tanzania is also very much stable, and that is why organizations can grow there easily. That is why workers can expect a good payment structure, and good life. The living expenses in Tanzania are also very low, that is why the workers can make a good savings as well.

Some Basic Precautions Should Be Taken:

No country or city can be declared completely free from ay kind of crime. In every corner of the world, there are some crime. In Tanzania, small crimes also take place on day to day basis. Crimes like pick pocketing, stealing money and goods, fraud is there. Just like any other country in the world, Tanzania is also facing small issues like this. But it also a fact that, the law enforcement department is pretty much active, and they are supportive as well. Specially in the case of foreigners, they act immediately.

If you are visiting Tanzania for work, then you should be aware about your locality. You can talk to the strangers, but don’t be over friendly with them. Don’t drink on small bars or pubs, because they may charge you a lot of money once you get drunk. Also take care of your legal documents properly and keep them in safe place. If you need to roam around with documents, then you should use the photocopy of the legal papers. If you consider these basic precautions, then you can keep yourself safe in Tanzania.


According to reporters and various media, multiple bad incidents have taken place with the foreign workers. One thing you need keep in mind that those news may reveal the half of the main story and the reality may be something else.

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