Historical Relevance in Tanzania Now

Zanzibar Slave Monument

Understanding the history of Tanzania is essential to understanding the country itself. Filled with stories of struggle and victory, the past of Tanzania will accompany you throughout your journey, both through visits to historical sites and during your meetings with locals. Retrace millennia of history from tanzania history to the present day and apprehend your journey with your eyes wide open.

Tanzania is still known for its safari fields. Indeed, this destination is home to a vast expanse that houses one of the largest concentrations of wild animals in the world. In addition, it has fascinating historical sites that are worth a visit, as well as there are importance of historical places. Backpackers can, for example, discover the Zanzibar Slave Monument. This is a sculpture representing 5 prisoners tied to each other by a chain. The latter would be one of the original used at the time of the slave trade. These statues are located outside the Anglican Cathedral, in the ancient slave market of Stone Town, on the island of Unguja. This city is classified World Heritage by UNESCO because of its Swahili cultural wealth.

Visit the National Museum of Dar es Salaam

Aside from that, the National Museum of Dar es Salaam is unmissable during a stay in Africa. It reveals the stories of Tanzania and humanity. This site is located on Robert Shabban Street, next to the Botanical Garden. It was created in 1934 by the governor of Tanganyika, Harold MacMichael. It was dedicated to the memory of the British King, George V, the official head of state. A Presidential Rolles Royce and a collection of fossils dating back millions of years are his main attractions. Thus, this place is a good address for history buffs. Moreover, there are exhibits representing the period during which the Persian cities played a leading role on the East African coast.

House of Wonders, the iconic Stone Town building

House of WondersWhen traveling Tanzania, it is recommended visiting the “House of Wonders”. This is the most tallest building in the Stone Town. It is located in the Zanzibar archipelago, opposite side of the Forodhani Gardens, between the Old Fort and the Palace Museum. It happens to be amongst the six palaces constructed by Barghash bin Said, the Sultan of Zanzibar. This building is open to the public. Tourists will find the Museum of History and Culture of Zanzibar and the Swahili coast. As a result, they have the opportunity to admire photos depicting Zanzibar life over the centuries. On the top floor there is a terrace that offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the entire city.

The Kondoa rock art sites, an un-missable attraction

To end this tour, travellers can observe the Kondoa rock art sites. These are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are located on an area of 2,336 kmĀ², on the eastern slopes of the Masai escarpment alongside the Great Rift Valley. On this place, vacationers will find rock paintings dating back thousands of years. These collections, distributed in more than 150 shelters, represent sequences that bear witness to the socio-economic evolution of the region. They also show the life of hunter-gatherers to agro-pastoral societies and peasants. In addition, some of these places are used by locals for ritual activities such as invoking rain.

The beautiful beaches, the ascent of Kilimanjaro, the discovery of the African fauna during a safari, a trip to Zanzibar … the possibilities are vast in Tanzania, so either one expects a lot of time to travel in the country (three weeks- a month …), or we make route choices!

There are many all-inclusive trips by tour operators to Tanzania, some focusing on Zanzibar beaches, others on national parks, or a combination of both. Practical and simple formulas because everything is planned, nothing is to organize, however, we do not leave much room for improvisation! And the group tour / hotel-club side of many such stays is not to everyone’s liking.


It is quite possible to travel independently through Tanzania. Note, however, that all access to national parks must be done in a supervised manner, it will be necessary to choose an on-site travel agency to organize a safari, including transport with driver, tour, accommodation, etc … the formulas are many, very expensive to stay in a lodge in the savannah, less for those who pitch their tent and move by truck.

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