What Is The Best Time To Go To African Safari?

Seasons for an African safari

When you are planning for the trip to Africa there should be proper planning and research. Generally, the continent has covered the two hemispheres and so that the climates get vary from one region to another.

Moving for the African safari will give you the ultimate feel and this journey will take you to the vast and ever-changing landscapes and that gives you a close look at some of the most beautiful animals of the world in their natural environment.

So before start your journey gets to know about the best time of year to go on an African safari.

Seasons for an African safari

Here are some of those countries that you have to visit, and where to go, the below things will help you in planning your perfect trips;

Safari in January to February


This is the first preparation stage generally for the great migration and January is the birthing time.

During this season you can see the birth of thousands of wildebeest’s calves and in some instances, you can see the zebra giving birth, it will be one of the unforgettable safari experiences you can gain in this season.

At the same time, it is time when you can see the big cats, hyena, wild dogs, and cheetahs.before start your journey gets to know about the best time of year to go on an African safari


It is one of the East African spots to visit and here you can see the protected mountain gorillas and they are the home to a certain endangered golden monkey.

March to April

South Africa

Technically it is the wet season but it the South African safari best time to go and the temperatures also not so hot or not so cold so that you can enjoy your journey. Here you can see plenty of birds and animals.


March and April is the best time to see the wildlife in the World heritage Simien Mountains. It is the place where you can see baboons, Simien foxes and other animals like leopard, hyenas, jackals and the bushbucks.it is time when you can see the big cats, hyena, wild dogs, and cheetahs

July to August


The dry season only lasts from July to September so this will be the best time to visit Rwanda and the ideal time to see the mountain gorillas. You can also go trekking and can see the Virunga volcanoes in volcanoes national parks.

Final verdicts

This the safari calendar and this will help you in knowing when to go for the African safari before planning to make a complete study on it so that you can enjoy your trip as wells you can see different wild animals.

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